Rainsong Studio

View of RainSong Studio floating in the harbor of Tofino in Clayoquot Sound BCOur unique art studio is located in the harbor of Tofino, in front of Nielson Island. Formerly the property of Main Stream Fish aquaculture, it was built as one of the toughest floatbuildings on the coast, and used to house the feed for the salmon. It is 60 by 32 feet in length, with a 50 ton capacity. Our magical story of acquiring Rainsong Studio begins 6 years ago...

At that point we were living on a beach in Clayoquot Sound, about a 3 or 4 hour paddle by canoe or kayak to Tofino. Summer was a wonderful season for this lifestyle, but the winter brought many challenges. Big surf would make the beach inaccessible for days at a time, and cell phone access was not available with our remote location, so contact with the human world was very limited. Our shared deep desire to immerse ourselves in nature and live by our art called us to this lifestyle and for several years we did just that. But another desire, to be closer to friends, family and the human world started to grow and we began to explore alternatives to find a better balance between the wild and the social realms.

We heard that the aquaculture company in town was selling some floatbuildings, and made them an offer to trade “Spring Quartet,” a stone sculpture of 4 swimming salmon that Paul had created, for one of the buildings. Our offer was accepted and the deal was sealed with a handshake. We jumped in our kayak and paddled 5 hours out to Mussel Rock in Quait Bay where it was anchored. It was in rough shape, but the overall structure was strong and the possibilities were exciting. Within a week, we had hired the Lions’ Gate fishboat and her captain to tow our new home into an anchor spot in the harbor of Tofino. We got lost in the fog and nearly washed up onto Deadman Rocks on the overnight tow, but survived and arrived at the break of a beautiful pink misty dawn in the harbour of Tofino.

Over the past six years, we have worked to beautify the old building and slowly transform it into an open concept, light-filled space where art is created and people gather. We catch salmon from our front deck and watch whales swim up Browning Passage in the summer. We bucket up the seawater to heat in our outdoor hot tub, and jump in the cold sea between rounds.

It is a sweet and easy trip across the harbour to Rainsong Studio, and we are enjoying greater access to the community of Tofino these days.  To visit us in our floating studio, give us a call at 250-266-1718 or email at kjbird911@hotmail.com